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7 Best Gift Ideas For Ukulele Players

Ukulele players love the ukulele. It’s a pretty simple formula, isn’t it? Few hobbies have quite so many options for gifts, but here I’ve compiled the best gifts for ukulele players, ranging from the super practical to the humorous. Now when I say gift... I do mean for birthdays and the holidays (I’m a sucker for Christmas). But I’m also writing about gifting to yourself! For me I love getting gifts for others. I plan on my Christmas purchases starting in the summer and I finish by November.

I know, I know! Crazy right? Strange enough though I do have a hard time buying gifts for myself. Especially things ukulele related.

So maybe you’re like me and its been a while since you purchased something for yourself. Maybe you haven’t gotten anything since you got your first ukulele, other than maybe a ukulele gig bag.

No worries, I’ve got you covered!

Here I’ve compiled a list of the 7 best gift ideas for ukulele players. You can already get a head start on the holiday season, find the perfect birthday present for that uke lover in your life... or maybe treat yourself with something special. Look at it as a “investment” for your ukulele journey (that’s what keep telling myself when I buy all my running shoes). It’s an investment... right? Haha! My wife would beg to differ.

Quality Case

Gatorcase Journey Man Series

If you’re a ukulele player, you should have a ukulele case to protect your instrument.

You may already have a simple gig bag or foam case, so maybe its time for an upgrade. I’m sure a ukulele player being recipient of a beautiful new case will bring a “case” of the giggles. Here is an example of a protective wood hardcase. The Gatorcase Journey Man series offers traditional craftsmanship, modern engineering, and distinct vintage style. Dressed up in pebble weave burlap, accented with espresso trim, and outfitted with antique brass hardware, its a beautiful case. Heavy-duty plywood panels create a sturdy outer shell while royal blue crushed velvet and thick foam padding cradle your tenor style ukulele securely in place. A single interior storage compartment provides ample space for your favorite strings, picks, and accessories.

Check out this Gatorcase here!

If your wanting to gift something a little more unique, look no further than the new Leolani Showcase wood hardcase. What makes this hardcase unique? Well take a look at this...

That’s right! Show-off!

This case is built from heavy-duty plywood panels with a thick plush foam. It sports a interior storage compartment to store your accessories. Two way carrying system with briefcase handle or shoulder sling carrying strap. But whoa! There is a clear impact resistant acrylic cover to ’showcase’ your ukulele. Now you can both protect and swoon over your ukulele at the same time!

Pick one up here!

Wall Mount

A ukulele wall hanger protects the instrument from damage while putting it in easy reach. I am a dad with 3 little ankle biters scurrying around. Any ukulele on the ground, in a case, or on a stand is free game for utter destruction! Unless my kids can reach above 5 feet than my ukulele is safe. Wall hangers are also a great way to show off your ukulele. So if you rarely play your ukulele at least you can still enjoy it’s beauty. A quality wall mount would make the perfect gift for you or someone who loves their ukulele.

I recommend the brand String Swing. They are proudly made here in the USA using quality materials. Not to mention they’re affordable! They come in multiple solid wood finishes you can pick the right wood to match your homes aesthetics. I personally have used one for that past 3 years to hold my custom Rick Turner ukulele!

Check here for the String Swing ukulele wall mount!

Chromatic Tuner

KLIQ EcoTuner

Can you say rechargeable! Finally a clip on chromatic tuner you don’t have to buy those disc shaped batteries for. All you need is a micro USB charger, and we all have those all over our homes.

Charging Port, YESSSS!!!

If you don’t already have a tuner the KLIQ EcoTuner would be an amazing one to get. It can tune your ukulele precisely... as well as your guitar, bass, mandolin...etc., etc. If your getting this as a gift, I’m sure you uke loving recipient will be more than happy to upgrade! If you know me personally, and don’t know what to get me for Christmas... look no further. Mahalo in advance!

Get this little lifesaver here!

Plug and Play Pickup

G1 Leolani Stick On Pickup

Here is a shameless plug! Here is a great gift if you know someone who wants to be able to plug their ukulele into an amp without doing any ukulele surgery. Installing a pickup can be scary. A slip of a hand can damage your ukulele forever. So here is an option and takes literally a minute to set up. Once the pickup is on the ukulele you just have to turn it on, plug in, and play! Simple as that.

Three knobs on the pickup control volume, bass, and treble. Allowing you to get the sound you want. It also runs on a CR2025 bartery. Well designed circuits block out noise interference and a high-tech vinyl allows for repeated use on sticking the pickup to the ukulele. And if you have multiple ukulele, you can put our pickup on all of them (of course not at the same time, haha). And the battery life is whopping 30-40 hours.

Check it out here... watch the overview video to see how to use it.

Online Lessons

Most ukulele players want to improve their skills, and online ukulele courses make a fantastic gift that keeps on giving! I recommend taking online lessons from Uke Like The Pros! Terry is a fabulous musician and has been in the biz over 25 years. He offers different subscription level tiers with loads of live content! Good online ukulele courses are almost as nice as in-person lessons, while being more affordable and a whole lot easier to fit into a busy schedule. This would make a perfect gift someone wanting to get into the ukulele. Maybe the perfect gift for your kid(s). Remember it’s an “investment”. Haha! Your kid could be the future Billie Eilish, (she jams on the uke)! Just remind them that you’re owed 50% of their earnings...haha! It’s part of the investment right?!

Check out Uke Like The Pros and gift online lessons here!

Ukulele Chord Chart

This is the most beautiful ukulele chord chart to ever exist. Try and find one better. Most chord chart posters are not worthy enough to be framed and hung on a wall. They usually remain folded and buried in the corner of your desk. This is both a work of art as well as being extremely practical. If your ever in a rut and forget a chord, just stroll by this poster and take a look. This work of art was created by the artist Taylor Waldman. This would be a great gift alongside a wall hanger. Get one before it’s gone...

Get this masterpiece here.

Tablet/Phone Holder

Many ukulele players rely on their phones or tablets for viewing lessons, play-alongs, and more. This cool tripod has an adjustable mount that accommodates most phones and tablets. This can be used at home while jamming or on the road when you visit your local ukulele club. If you gig, or know someone who does, this would be an excellent gift for them. Musicians using iPads/tablets on stage as they perform risks them falling on the floor since they use a normal music stand. These stands offer more protection as they are more sturdy and clamp to hold the device.

This stand is so versatile and stows away in a small compact form.

While it’s not a traditional gift, it’s sure to be a hit. Get one here.


There you have it! 7 gifts ideas for ukulele players. Hopefully you find something for that uke lover in your life..... or better yet, for yourself. As I think about, I know what gift ideas I want to send to my friends and family....... for me!

Keep jamming and aloha!

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