7 Best Gift Ideas For Ukulele Players

Ukulele players love the ukulele. It’s a pretty simple formula, isn’t it? Few hobbies have quite so many options for gifts, but here I’ve compiled the best gifts for ukulele players, ranging from the super practical to the humorous. Now when I say gift... I do mean for birthdays and the holidays (I’m a sucker for Christmas). But I’m also writing about gifting to yourself! For me I love getting gifts for others. I plan on my Christmas purchases starting in the summer and I finish by November.

I know, I know! Crazy right? Strange enough though I do have a hard time buying gifts for myself. Especially things ukulele related.

So maybe you’re like me and its been a while since you purchased something for yourself. Maybe you haven’t gotten anything since you got your first ukulele, other than maybe a ukulele gig bag.

No worries, I’ve got you covered!

Here I’ve compiled a list of the 7 best gift ideas for ukulele players. You can already get a head start on the holiday season, find the perfect birthday present for that uke lover in your life... or maybe treat yourself with something special. Look at it as a “investment” for your ukulele journey (that’s what keep telling myself when I buy all my running shoes). It’s an investment... right? Haha! My wife would beg to differ.

Quality Case

Gatorcase Journey Man Series

If you’re a ukulele player, you should have a ukulele case to protect your instrument.

You may already have a simple gig bag or foam case, so maybe its time for an upgrade. I’m sure a ukulele player being recipient of a beautiful new case will bring a “case” of the giggles. Here is an example of a protective wood hardcase. The Gatorcase Journey Man series offers traditional craftsmanship, modern engineering, and distinct vintage style. Dressed up in pebble weave burlap, accented with espresso trim, and outfitted with antique brass hardware, its a beautiful case. Heavy-duty plywood panels create a sturdy outer shell while royal blue crushed velvet and thick foam padding cradle your tenor style ukulele securely in place. A single interior storage compartment provides ample space for your favorite strings, picks, and accessories.

Check out this Gatorcase here!

If your wanting to gift something a little more unique, look no further than the new Leolani Showcase wood hardcase. What makes this hardcase unique? Well take a look at this...

That’s right! Show-off!

This case is built from heavy-duty plywood panels with a thick plush foam. It sports a interior storage compartment to store your accessories. Two way carrying system with briefcase handle or shoulder sling carrying strap. But whoa! There is a clear impact resistant acrylic cover to ’showcase’ your ukulele. Now you can both protect and swoon over your ukulele at the same time!

Pick one up here!

Wall Mount