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2021 Holiday Gift Guide For Ukulele Lovers

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Hey ya’ll… its Fall!

Okay, I just had to get that off my chest. I’m still shocked that we are already in November with just 6 short weeks till 2022! Crazy! As we Americans head towards the Thanksgiving holiday I thought it fitting now to drop our ‘Holiday Gift Guide For Ukulele Lovers”. With Christmas around the corner, its good to get a get a head start (not to mention that shipping is all ‘nutzo’ this time of year). Plus there’s the added pressure of getting a gift for the ukulele enthusiast in your life, even if that’s you!

Well count your lucky sugar plums, because I’m here to help you out! As shipping heads into high gear, below are 10 ukulele gift ideas that every uke lover will appreciate! I will add purchase links to express your shopping time!

Some of these gifts are affordable, while others are next level and are sure to bring a smile to your giftee's face! Or yourself! Haha! We are the generation of self-love right?

Let the Christmas shopping commence!

Online Ukulele Course

Most ukulele players want to improve their skills, and online ukulele courses make a fantastic gift that keeps on giving! Good online ukulele courses are almost as nice as in-person lessons, while being more affordable and a whole lot easier to fit into a busy schedule. This would make a perfect gift someone wanting to get into the ukulele. Maybe the perfect gift for your kid(s).

Terry, Founder of UkeLikeThePros

Now if you are blessed to be able to live in an area where there are great ukulele teachers that teach in person, I recommend taking in person classes. This year the wife and I invested in our son Ben and got him lessons at ‘Ukulele Hale’ here on Oahu. It’s been three months and he’s blowing us away! He’s currently learning how to play ‘Mele Kalikimaka’!

We recommend online lessons from UkeLikeThePros. Affordable and with tons of content!

Check them out here!

Ukulele Chord Chart

My famed chord chart that hangs above my home work station is now discontinued by the artist. So here is the next best thing. This ukulele chord poster comes from the Etsy store Penny & Horse. They design amazing stuff. With over 22,800 sales and at 5 stars, I think its a winner. The chords are color coordinated and easy to follow. It is a digital product, and it includes 5 digital files in common sizes. At under $7 its a steal! Plus you can print multiples so it‘s the gift that keeps on giving. Peruse their shop, they have different layouts so choose the one that sparks your fancy.

Check the many chord chart layouts here!

USB Recording Mic

Every budding ukulele artist needs a recording mic. But what if you don’t have all the chords and computer adapters? Don’t fret, the Audio-Technica cardioid condenser USB microphone requires only a USB port. Super simple to use and records crystal clear audio! Recording yourself playing will aid in progressing on your ukulele journey. Plus you can send your finished masterpieces to friends in family!

Purchase the Audio-Technica USB recording mic here!

Ukulele Song Book

Ever heard of Hal Leonard? After their band broke up brothers Harold ”Hal” Edstrom and Everett “Leonard” Edstrom started the company Hal Leonard. They had the unique ability because of their professional experience to arrange popular music for school bands. This helped them launch a new publishing company that has been around for over 70 years. Check out this awesome song book they produced with 70 of the most popular songs ever! Aptly entitled ‘The Best Songs Ever- For Ukulele”.

Purchase this song book here!

Digital Tuner 3 in 1

The perfect gift for the budding ukulele star is the Lekato 3 in 1 digital tuner. This amazing little gadget doesn’t only tune your ukulele, its also a tone generator, and get this… a metronome! Trust me when I say that learning to play in time is key. People singing along with you will thank you. Now you can with this rechargeable all in one secret weapon!

Purchase the Lakato 3 in 1 Digital Metronome here!

Roadie 3

A tuner that actually tunes your ukulele. Yeah, you heard me right! The Roadie 3 can tune your ukulele for you and with great accuracy. It can also store over 100 alternate tunings! Just watch the videos of this thing in action and have your mind blown. The perfect gift for someone who has everything. They probably don’t have this!

Gift the super engineered Roadie Tuner 3 off Amazon here!

Ukulele Side Chord Decals

Another ETSY gem! From the store front ‘Surfs Up’ comes an innovative way to remember ukulele chord formations. They offer stick on decals that you can put on the sides of your ukulele. What a genius idea! Plus they are removable, so after you’ve learned and mastered your chords, you can take away the evidence. Check out their store as they have many ukulele “cheat sheet” decals.

Purchase them here!

Ukulele Amp

The Orange Amp Micro Terror is small amp with a ton of power! People all over love the Orange brand of guitar amps, and this little guy sure lives up to the hype. This may be the best gift your giftee may get under the tree. Paired with the right speakers and you will be headlining Coachella! Well, at least in your bedroom.

Gift the amazing Orange Amp Micro Terror on Amazon here!

Strings (Uke Logic)

Its always a good day when you restring your ukulele. Being in the ‘biz‘ for over a decade I can tell you that strings do make a difference in the sound of your ukulele! So its always great to switch things up once in while to zero in on the right set for you. Low G or high G? Wound or unwound? Nylon or fluorocarbon? How about mixing them? I have done my fair share of research and fell in love with ‘Uke Logic’ strings.

Uke Logic string sets are made from high quality "super fluorocarbon" aka Super-Carbon. A high-density formula of fluorocarbon that is tonally different from the average fluorocarbon ukulele string. Uke Logic string sets are available as all-plain Super-Carbon and additional options are available for players who prefer metal wound strings in combination with Super-Carbon. Plus they offer low G sets!

Purchase your set of Uke Logic strings here!

Leolani Gift Card

Now if what you want to gift is an ukulele, I’ve got you covered. I’m pleased to announce the launch of our new Leolani e-gift cards! These gift cards can be used on all our products on our site. You can create the e-gift card and write a festive message to your recipient! This takes the guess work out of choosing the right ukulele! Plus you don’t have to wrap anything… haha!

Get an e-gift card here!


So here is my list of 10 super awesome ukulele gifts for ukulele lovers! You can find all these items on Amazon and ETSY now (except for the e-gift card, you can get them at

Keep jamming and Happy Thanksgiving!

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