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Our New Leolani Stick-on External Pickup is an easy and affordable way to allow your instrument to connect to an external amp. Just stick on the ukulele and plug into the amp and you're ready to go! Three knobs on the pickup control volume, bass, and treble. Allowing you to get the sound you want. Runs on CR2025 batteries that amplify the sound. Well designed circuits block out noise interference. High-tech vinyl allows for repeated use on sticking the pickup to the instrument. Battery life is about 30-40 hours. 

Leolani Stick-on External Pickup

SKU: G-1
    • Do not stick the pickup right below the bridge. It will make removing the pickup difficult. 
    • To remove pickup, grasp firmly and twist off. Do not pull straight off.
    • The vinyl sticker will not harm finishes on the instrument.
    • Please put the sticker protector back on after use to prolong stickiness. 
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