Ukulele Trends For 2021

Updated: Feb 4

Happy New Year!

I know it’s already after January and we are in February but hey, a huge thing happened in my life last month. I can even pin point it to the day. And I can do better than that and even tell you the minute. On January 11, at 4:04am, I became a father......... again! My wife and I already have three little boys ( I know crazy right!), but this time it was different. This time ‘she’ made her debut in this world.

Yup, I have a daughter.

Her name is Kamea.

So thats where I’ve been this past month. Believe it or not I had this post planned and written out. I thought I could finish it while resting at the hospital. What an idiot! Needless to say this little girl got me wrapped around her little fingers. So 2021 has already started off with a bang for me and my “little“ family, and I believe it will be an incredible year for the ukulele!

Just like at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas every January, they showcase the latest and greatest in tech gadgetry and innovation, I will try and forecast the new ukulele trends for 2021! As I poured over forum threads and studied influencer press releases, I found 5 new trends emerging.

5. Custom Artwork

More than ever people want to express their individuality and style. No one wants to be a sheep and follow the rest of the crowd but stand out. We will see this mentality trickle down to the ukulele. Traditional tribal artwork was the craze a few years ago, with laser

etched patterns covering the ukulele. <