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Ukulele Resolutions For The New Year

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

At last it’s December 31. Better known as New Years Eve. As the world turns a new page, we bid farewell to a year none of us expected. For some it was the worst year of their lives. They’ve lost their jobs, plans were dashed, and many even battled the virus itself. Worst yet, many have even lost dear loved ones.

But for some it was the year they didn’t think they needed. They were pushed to take a deep look at themselves and make hard decisions that needed to be made. Many of those with families were locked together with them, finding that they missed out on so much pre-covid as we raced toward the carrots of success, money, and fame. Many were forced to rethink their careers and find out what brought them joy... and then pursue it.

So 2020 gave us 20/20. As in 20/20 vision. No matter where you fall on the year, we should all agree that it was a major reset. And as the dawn of a new year approaches, I want to help reset your ukulele goals with 5 ukulele resolutions for 2021!

5. Chord Guru

In 2021 become a chord guru! We all get stumped sometimes when we try to learn new songs. We forget how play certain chords and we get frustrated as we have to search for it online or dig them up on an old chord chart. Doing this risks taking us out of our flow state. As I’ve gotten to know many pro ukulele players throughout the years, one of the things they all have in common is a deep repertoire of chord knowledge. Watching them play through different chords is inspiring. So start by learning a new chord each week. That’s 52 chords in 2021! Learn the chord name, fingering, and play songs that require it. Playing them continuously for a week will help cement it to memory. Remember that their are many variants for chords so learn them all! This will make learning new songs a breeze!

4. Learn 12 New Songs

With the plethora of awesome YouTube tutorials, this resolution should be a piece of cake! And 12 new songs is just the baseline. You can make your resolution 24 if you think you can handle it. And if your a classic overachiever, how about 52? Songs can run the gamut of learning a simple jingle to a complex instrumental piece such as Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata!

Just WOW!!!

3. The Songwriter

Maybe this is the year you start creating your own music! I know the 2020 wave has churned up many emotions so now may be the best time to express them through your ukulele. I‘ve just watched Pixar’s new movie Soul and loved watching the musicians get “in the zone”.

Make this a year long resolution. No need to rush. Spend time ’feeling’ your way around the ukulele and start setting your heart to chords! And if you must.....add lyrics.

2. Recording Artist

Have you ever heard yourself play the ukulele? As strange as that question sounds, many haven’t. Think about it. Of course you‘ve heard yourself as you play, but have you ever just sat back, relaxed, and enjoyed listening to yourself playing? If you haven’t, this is the resolution for you! Throughout 2021, record yourself playing your ukulele. You can do this simply by shooting it on your phone. If you want to take it further, you could purchase mics and import the audio to your PC. And if you are inspired, you can play with the mix on music apps and software. And who knows? This could be the start of your musical career!

1. The Dream

Custom Jake Shimabukuro Kamaka Ukulele

This is a huge one. We all have dreams, right? Hopefully you do! A dream car. A dream home. A dream travel destination. And the dreams go on and on. But what about a dream ukulele? The 2021 could be the year when you purchase your dream ukulele.

Start by looking for your dream ukulele. Start researching into the sizes, wood combinations, builders, pickups, and extras. And those extras being side ports, cutaways, slotted head stocks, bevels, custom inlays and rosettes, Rodger’s tuners, 5 strings (or 6 or 8), etc...etc...etc...! Haha! You get the picture. And then start saving each month. This dream ukulele could be a $300 KUMU to a $5,000 Kamaka! Or more! So by this time next year you could be strumming on your new dream ukulele.


As I wrap up this post I want to personally thank you for reading my last one of the year! As 2021 arrives I hope you and your loved ones a healthy, safe, and joyful New Years!

Keep jamming and aloha!

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