Top 7 Must Have Ukulele Accessories

Updated: May 7

Most ukulele players suffer from what is known as U.A.S. or “ukulele acquisition syndrome”. This is where you hunt for your first ukulele, study ads, YouTube reviews, and purchase your first ukulele. But as soon as you receive it, crazy thoughts start running through mind. Soon you realize you “need” something else. A different shape, a solid top, a customized wood combination, a low G, or whatever! Now off you go buying ukulele left and right “adding to your collection”. If this sounds like you, you are officially diagnosed with U.A.S. This disease is deadly.......on your wallet! But may I add that there is another ”disease“ out there. This sickness is called G.A.S.!

G.A.S., or “gear acquisition syndrome”, is not as deadly on the wallet as U.A.S., but it is still pernicious. This can mean you end up with a ton of junk that you really didn’t need to buy. Checking out what other ukulele players are using, especially the pros, is likely responsible for triggering 90% of those ukulele gear purchases. So fair warning… the following 7 uber-popular ukulele accessories may very well be a dangerous proposition for those who have G.A.S problems, but hey, at least they’re all under $30 bucks! Here are the top 7 ukulele accessories every ukulele player needs in their ’tool box’, and where to find them from the best brands. This in hopes to ease your G.A.S. cravings!

#1. Chromatic Tuner

I recommend the KLIQ EcoTuner. It can tune your ukulele precisely... as well as your guitar, bass, mandolin...etc., etc. This specific tuner also features micro USB charging! Meaning you‘ll never have to go to store, hunting for those small disc shaped batteries ever again.

Get the KLIQ EcoTuner here!

#2. Capo

I recommend D‘Addario’s Planet Waves Pro capo. A capo is small tool you can strap around the neck of your ukulele to keep all the strings down on the same fret. So essentially, you are barring the strings on that particular fret with a capo instead of your finger. This is a great accessory to have in your ukulele tool box when you want to sing songs in a different key. This capo will give you the precision needed to have keep adequate pressure on all of the strings of your ukulele. Spring loaded capo’s are quicker to use but lack the ability to control the pressure, resulting in fret buzz which is a deal breaker. This capo is compact and sleek, allowing it to take less room on your fingerboard.

Get the D’Addario Planet Waves NS capo here!

#3. Strap

There are many out there that don’t believe the ukulele should be played using a strap. What do I say about it? Go for it! Straps aid in allowing your left hand (chording hand) to have total freedom and autonomy. Typically you’d have to focus on holding up the neck as you play, relying heavily on your thumb pressure. Straps enable you to throw caution to the wind, and just let your fingers do the talking. You can get straps that don’t require any altercations to the ukulele. They hang on to the sound hole.

I recommend using a strap that utilizes strap buttons. If you have a drill gun, ruler, and 2 minutes, you can easily do this yourself. I recommend the CloudMusic cotton woven ukulele strap. It’s woven material is soft and comfortable to use. It also comes with all the parts for installation. Even a d