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‘Spooktacular’ Halloween Themes on the Ukulele

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

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It’s two weeks out till Halloween and the festivities are already in full swing. I try to fill the month with spooky Halloween movies. The main ones on the list are the original Ghostbusters 1 & 2 (even the 2016 reboot is a guilty pleasure), Casper, Hocus Pocus, Sleepy Hallow, The Addams Family 1 & 2, The Nightmare Before Christmas (is it a Halloween or Christmas movie, the debate at my house continues), and The Ring. I know, I know——all but one of these movies (The Ring) are not that scary but more family friendly. Well what can I say, I’m a dad of three young kids and I don’t want to stay up all night putting them to sleep, or worst yet, them sleeping in our bed.

But I do like the really scary stuff too. I try to see if they can keep me up at night. Usually no, but they sure are fun to watch. Last year we watched The Hill House series on Netflix and it was great! Season 2 is out now and my wife and I just started watching. So far it’s good!

Now we all know that the visuals of ghosts, demons, monsters, and knife wielding psychos give us the creeps. But I would wager that the score and soundtracks to these movies and tv shows are just as creepy. We are either covering our eyes, or plugging our ears to lessen the scares. I confess, I’m guilty of doing both of these things even though I try to hide it...haha! Many of these songs have become iconic over time and have become of anthems of Halloween.

Below I’ve collected a list of some of my favorite “Halloweenie” songs that you can learn on the ukulele. If you are not easily frightened, have a go at some of them!


Stranger Things Theme

Seeing Will Byers vanish in the shed during the opening of the first episode got me hooked. It was nostalgically perfect and hella creepy at the same time. Then the opening credits role and my oh my did I fall into a trance! That rhythmic 80‘s synth pulsed through my soul, teasing me of what was to come. By the end of the season the theme of Stranger Things became a character in the show. Now when you hear the first few seconds of this theme, your hairs of the back of your head begin to rise, and then you begin to wonder... am I in the Upside Down?!?

Learn this pulse pounding theme below!

Halloween Theme

Believe or not I‘ve seen these movies a kid..... at my next door neighbors house. There were many famous slasher psychos in movies- Freddy Krueger, Chucky, and Jason. But it was Michael Myers who gave me heebie-jeebies! He just walked and stalked. No running, never even turning his neck! Haha! This theme song is iconic to it’s core. Almost sounds like a frantic beating heart. So good!

Learn it below. Its not for the faint of heart... 🖤

The Addams Family Theme

Okay so I just watched the new animated version with the kiddos last week. It made me want a live action reboot. Oscar Isaacs as Gomez and Anne Hathaway as Morticia Addams? I think it would be awesome! This theme song needs no introduction, you just need to know how to snap your fingers.

I have two version below. One for beginners, and one that will have your friends impressed!

Fun version:

Lurch version:

GhostBusters Theme

I am literally watching this movie as I’m writing this. Classic Rick Moranis! This song is so dang catchy. We’ve all sang the “daaaanah, daaaanah, daaaanah, daaaanah, dan-dah-da-nuh-nah” part of the song! I just gotta say thank you Ray Parker Jr. You wrote one of the best theme songs in the world! Didn’t I mention this song will get stuck in your head. Sorry!

Learn this classic theme below, and be sure to watch the movies! ZUUL!

The Exorcist Theme

You all knew this was coming! The theme for The Exorcist has been giving people nightmares for years. Even when I listen to this in the dark I get spooked! When this movie came out, people where leaving the theaters in droves. It was the most shocking movie in it’s time. Not only was this movie scary, but eerie things happened on set. I mean when you read the title, go figure! The tubular bells add a sense of dread as they are instruments usually played in cathedrals. But played in this melody they become a tune of the devil!

Follow along with Matt Dahlberg if your up for a challenge. You may need to call a priest afterwards. “The power of Christ compels you!”


Hopefully learning these songs add a little more fright to your Halloween season! I can’t wait to dress up and walk the streets (socially distanced of course 😉) ‘trick or treating’ with the kiddos. I‘m sure I‘ll be humming these tunes as I stroll along.

Keep jamming and aloha!

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