New Uke Alert! Its a Blue Valentines!

That’s right everyone! Valentine’s Day is this Sunday. Crazy to think that last week was Super Bowl Sunday (aka Valentine’s Day for guys). So two super Sundays back to back. So lets get something straight before I break some awesome news.


Guys, don't forget to get your girl something nice for Valentine's Day! It's this Sunday. Or else...

Now that I’ve just saved some lives here is the breaking news.

We have been cooking something special behind the scenes for several months now with ukulele influencer and newly minted vlogger Ricky Somborn! If you aren’t familiar with Ricky Somborn, check this out...

So after all that teasing, here’s the beans!

We partnered with Ricky to create and design his own ukulele model!!!

Its so good to finally release it out there. Whew! Holding it in was brutal.... haha! This ukulele is the first in our artist series. And we are excited to announce that it will launch on Monday, February 15th! You heard me right... next week Monday, at midnight HST (Hawaii Standard Time). This first run is extremely limited so set a reminder to check back to the site when it launches.

So are you ready for a tease?