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Last Minute Gift Ideas!

Updated: May 7, 2021

There’s 11 days left till Christmas! I know, crazy right! And maybe your like me and you’ve waited till the last minute to get gifts. Then there’s the added pressure of getting a gift for an ukulele enthusiast!

“What do I get and how do I get it fast?”

Well count your lucky sugar plums, because I’m here to help you out! As shipping windows close, here are 10 last minute ukulele gift ideas you can get in a jiffy! I will add purchase links to express your shopping time! Amazon is gonna offer before Christmas Day delivery up until Sunday!!! Mahalo Amazon elves! You guys are saving Christmas.

Some of these gifts are affordable, while others are next level and are sure to bring a smile to your giftee's face! Or yourself! Haha! We are the generation of self-love right?

So without further ado, here...we...go!

10. Online Ukulele Courses

Most ukulele players want to improve their skills, and online ukulele courses make a fantastic gift that keeps on giving! Good online ukulele courses are almost as nice as in-person lessons, while being more affordable and a whole lot easier to fit into a busy schedule. This would make a perfect gift someone wanting to get into the ukulele. Maybe the perfect gift for your kid(s).

I recommend AllForUke with Kevin Presbrey! He offers a 7-day free trial and only $10 a month afterwards! He even offers private uke lessons!

Check out more on his website!

9. Ukulele Chord Chart/Cheat Sheet

Every ukulele player needs one of these so this will make an amazing gift. Having a chord chart on hand will help when your in a pinch and need to figure out a specific chord. This version comes in two sizes and are small enough to fit in a ukulele bag or hardcase pocket! Plus they are gloriously laminated so no worries Cheeto fingers!

Get the Ukulele Chord Cheatsheets on Amazon here!

8. USB Recording Mic

Every budding ukulele artist needs a recording mic. But what if you don’t have all the chords and computer adapters? Don’t fret, the Fafine Condenser Recording Microphone requires only a USB port. Super simple to use, and records crystal clear audio!

Gift the Fifine Condenser Recording Mic off Amazon here!

7. String Winder Drill Bit

This gift is for the hip ukulele players who like unique gifts. Who wants to spend minutes hand winding their strings when you can do it in seconds! Finally some wizard created a nifty piece of practical magic... a drill bit string winder! And it’s super affordable at under $7 (drill not included... haha). So make sure the giftee has a drill! I use this bit and its a time saver. And its incredibly fun too!

Get a String Winder Drill Bit off Amazon here!

6. Orange Amp

The Orange Amp Micro Terror is small amp with a ton of power! People all over love the Orange brand of guitar amps, and this little guy sure lives up to the hype. This may be the best gift your giftee may get under the tree. Paired with the right speakers and you will be headlining Coachella! Well, at least in your bedroom.

Gift the amazing Orange Amp Micro Terror on Amazon here!

5. Crossrock Hardcase

Today, most ukulele come in padded gig bags. They are flexible, lightweight, and get the job done. But sometimes your ukulele needs to ride around in style. In these ‘cases’ you have to get a hardcase. I recommend gifting a Crosswalk Hardcase. They come in all sizes and in a multitude of colors. They even offer different material options. If looks could kill, better call the doctor!

Gift a Crossrock Hardcase off Amazon here!

4. Wireless Transmitter Receiver

Now this thing is really cool. You can plug in your ukulele into an amp, and do it wirelessly! What devilry is this? No worries, no devils here. Just science! You just plug one of the receivers into your ukulele and the other into the amp and now you can play untethered. No more tripping over your cords. Now your free to roam around as you play. And dare I say dance?

Gift the Getaria Wireless Digital Transmitter off Amazon here!

3. The Beatles Ukulele Song Book

George Harrison loved the ukulele! And the world loves George Harrison. So here is a fun gift to give to an ukulele player who wants to tap into their musical roots. You can’t go through music pop history without taking a major detour down Abby Road. Now you can take this detour with your ukulele! And did I mention this book comes loaded with 195 songs! Wowza!

The Little Black Book of Beatle’s Songs for Ukulele found here!

2. Roadie Tuner 3

A tuner that actually tunes your ukulele. Yeah, you heard me right! The Roadie 3 can tune your ukulele for you and with great accuracy. It can also store over 100 alternate tunings! Just watch the videos of this thing in action and have your mind blown. The perfect gift for someone who has everything. They probably don’t have this!

Gift the super engineered Roadie Tuner 3 off Amazon here!

1. KUMU Ukulele

So your reading this post on our site. The same site that sells KUMU and Leolani ukulele! This isn’t a top 10 list, but a list of 10 gift ideas... haha! But hey, what best last minute ukulele gift is better than a ukulele? And now we have a secret sale going on until Christmas Day! I recommend getting a KUMU ukulele since its made using Hawaiian Koa. Many companies nowadays are claiming to inventory Hawaiian Koa ukulele, but what they really have are acacia wood ukulele. True, Koa is a type of acacia wood. But Koa can only be grown in the volcanic soil of Hawaii! Now rest assured knowing that our KUMU are produced using this prized wood! Check out our KUMU page and see if a KUMU ukulele will make the best gift for someone really special! Or for yourself... remember...self love!


So here is my list of 10 super awesome ukulele gifts to gift at the last minute. You can find all these items on Amazon now (except for number 10 and 1)! And they are currently offering shipping before Christmas! So get on it fast! Like right after reading this.

Keep jamming and Mele Kalikimaka!

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