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KUMU Buyers Guide

Updated: May 7, 2021

We are in the home stretch! The final five days of our Spring sale. Right now you can get a cool 25% off our entire KUMU collection. What incredible savings! That a $90 savings on our tenor KUMU with our TUX finish!

At check out be sure to use the promo code Spring25 to lock in your savings. The Spring sale ends next week Wednesday, March 31 at midnight HST.

So before you close this post and head over to our KUMU page, I thought I would spend a minute going over our KUMU ukulele. Like a KUMU buyers guide. This way you‘re better prepared when choosing your perfect ukulele. You know, like those doomsday preppers.

So here are our current KUMU currently available for purchase as of this posting are:

Soprano Longneck Hawaiian Koa with TUX Finish (SQ34A)

Concert Hawaiian Koa with TUX Finish (CM54A)

Concert Feather Hawaiian Koa with TUX Finish (CF52A)

Tenor Feather Hawaiian Koa with TUX Finish (TF72A)

Tenor Hawaiian Koa with TUX Finish (TM74A)

Tenor Hawaiian Koa with Gloss Finish (TG75A)

Wow where to begin!

First off if you‘ve noticed, all of these ukulele are made using Hawaiian Koa wood. If you don’t know anything about this special wood, check out my post dedicated to the “Holy Grail”of ukulele tone woods. Our entire KUMU line is built using this gorgeous and rare wood. So if your looking for an ukulele that embodies Hawaii’s rich history and culture, look no further.

Now on to size. Believe it or not size is a huge thing to consider when choosing a ukulele.

Like buying shoes, finding the right fit it super important (unless you just want to flex and enjoy having blisters)!

Soprano Longneck KUMU

If your younger, or looking to purchase a ukulele for someone between the ages of 3-11, I recommend getting the soprano longneck (SQ34A).

It will perfectly fit someone with a small stature. These being kids or someone with small hands. Typically the soprano ukulele is preferred for younger children. We knew we didn’t want to put those limitations on our soprano we added a twist. Our soprano ukulele is built using a concert size neck and fingerboard hence the name ‘longneck’. This allows players to grow with this model since the concert neck is longer, allowing for more room and versatility. The soprano size offers the brightest sound out of all our sizes.

Concert KUMU

If your just starting out, I would recommend either the concert or concert feather model. The concert size offers the best of both worlds. Just like the story of Goldilocks and the three bears they‘re not too small, and not too big, but just right! The concert size is easier to play since it offers a shorter scale length (the distance between the nut and and saddle) then it’s larger brother, the tenor size. This shorter scale makes the strings easier to press and hold when chording. This is due to the strings having less tension. So if your just starting out, or picking up the ukulele again, this is the ideal size for you. Another bonus with having less string tension is that the ukulele produces a warm and mellow tone.

"Now should I get the feather concert model?"

Great question! The ’Feather’ designation is for our thin bodied line. These ukulele models are the majestically thin and the perfect size for adventurers on the go.

They not only sport a thinner profile, but are lighter in weight as well! This makes playing a feather model more comfortable as they conform closer to the body. We‘ve also designed the feather with a curved back to achieve maximum projection and tone. If price is the determining factor between our standard and feather version, no worries, they are the same price!

Tenor KUMU

Now if you’re confident in your playing ability and don’t mind a higher string tension, I recommend going for the tenor size! Its the most popular size amongst professional musicians and for good reason. The larger body produces a wide range of tonal voices. In laymen‘s terms, you can play more styles of music more effectively. The tenor body also allows for greater sustain as the soundboard has a greater surface area. Our KUMU tenor also comes in a feather size that is extremely popular.

Currently we offer a gloss finish on only our tenor model as the gloss versions of the concert and soprano longneck are on back order. If you want more sound out of your tenor ukulele I would go with our TUX (satin) finish. If you’re more interested in a mirror finish and more protection I’d go with the gloss.


So there you have it! I hope this KUMU buyers guide made finding your perfect ukulele easier. Remember to use the promo code Spring25 to receive 25% off our KUMU collection. Plus we are currently offering free domestic shipping, and only $35 for international. At a time like this with shipping costs through the roof, we find its now the best time to take advantage of all the savings!

And if your reading this post after the KUMU spring sale has ended, here's a special promo code just for you. Use promo code KUMU38 to receive 15% off your KUMU purchases! Don't tell anyone else...hehe! This is just for you!

Click here to head over to our KUMU page!

Keep jamming and aloha!

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