5 Trending Songs Anyone Can Play

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

A new season is upon us! If you are an American we are preparing to celebrate Thanksgiving. For many others, it’s CHRISTMAS! As we start cleaning up the cob webs, paper bats, and pumpkins, the sound of Christmas music fills the air. At my house we went from listening to HalloweenTown’s ”This is Christmas”, to Johnny Mathis‘ “Sleigh Ride”!

But before we turn on Pentatonix, lets learn how to play these top trending songs. Don’t worry all you Christmas lovers, my list of Christmas song tutorials will be coming out in December! But below are 5 songs that are currently trending all over the place. And all of these are songs are easy to learn. But honestly... maybe not easy to sing... haha!

Dreams by Fleetwood Mac

We’ve all seen it by now. Nathan Apodaca longboarding to work, sipping on cranberry juice, singing along to Fleetwood Mac’s ’Dreams’. Something about this clip resonated with millions around the world. For me, it was relaxing watching this guy living his best life. The joy on his face made me feel all warm inside. As soon as this clip went viral, streaming of this classic song went through the roof!

Learn this smooth song below. Be sure your not trying to learn this song as you cruise the streets on your longboard! Haha!

And if you hadn’t seen the original viral video... here it is.

Justin Bieber “Holy” Featuring