5 Summer Jams & Uke-torials

With Memorial Day 2021 in the books its safe to say that we are definitely in SUMMER (well technically its June 20th but it's hot already)! In Hawaii the temperature has risen to the 80's this past week and its been 'beachtacular'! Remember that's in Fahrenheit for you non Americans. In fact there's sand on my ankles as I just came in from the beach. Well.... after enjoying some refreshing raspberry and lychee shaved ice!

So as we kickoff the summer I thought it would be fitting to share some songs off my summer playlist. And of course tutorials on how to play them so you can spread warm vibes wherever you go!


Who hasn't heard of BTS? Arguably the biggest boyband in history. With their slick dance moves and catchy melodies these guys are unstoppable.

Chairia Tandias is an amazing teacher. Her simplistic teaching style combined with her amazing voice make this tutorial smooth like 'butter'!

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