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Pick out the Leolani/KUMU tenor ukulele of your choice and get it installed with the Double Soundhole pickup!  We now do this service in house.  


The Double Soundhole Pickup system is an amazing pickup system.  It's an under saddle active pickup system that sounds great for amplifying or recording.  There is an on and off switch that is also LED enabled to show your current battery life.   But there is more than meets the eye.... I mean ear!   Much more in fact under the hood.  The Double Soundhole Pickup gives you really beautiful on board effects; reverb, chorus, and delay.  These effects are adjustable and tasteful.  It also sports a volume dial so you don't miss a beat when on stage.  You can choose to use one effect or all of them.  Figuring out your own blend is part of the fun!  


Now this is really going to make you scratch your head.  You can of course use these effects plugged into the amp.  And even when your NOT!  This pickup uses an onboard lithium rechargeable battery to keep the effects going when you are on the go.  It's as close to real magic as it gets!  It ranges from fun to inspiring and we think you're gonna love it!  The Double Soundhole Pickup charges via micro USB which comes included. 



Add On: Double Soundhole Pickup and Installation

  • Please note this is an add on service to our ukulele. We do not sell this by itself. Orders without additional ukulele will be canceled. 

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